Oral Presenter Guidelines


Onsite at the Conference

Speakers will need to register at the registration desk when they first arrive at the conference to collect their name badge and other related materials. There will be a laptop labelled “Presenter Preparation Computer” where you must upload your slides at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled presentation. If you have any queries regarding the program or your presentation during the conference, please visit the registration desk at the conference site.

Session Details

The program is subject to change so please ensure you check any changes with the registration desk at the conference site. Each oral presentation will run for 12 minutes (10 minutes to present and 2 minutes for Q&A). Please check the conference program to confirm your session time. In the interests of fairness, please ensure that you keep to your allotted time frame. The session chairperson will have a time keeper to time your presentation and provide you with a warning 2 minutes before your time expires. It is extremely important that you keep to the time allocation. Running overtime is disrespectful to other speakers and highly disruptive to the schedule.

Your Oral Presentation

Please arrive at your session room at least 20 minutes before your session begins. Session chairperson will need time to meet you and ensure their planned introduction for you is correct. They also need to explain how the session will be run and to show you where to sit.
Please note that the official conference language is English. All presentations must be conducted in English.

Your Powerpoint Presentation

Presentation should be supplied via a CD or USB Memory device. Our presentation system uses Microsoft Office on a Windows operating System. For those speakers who use an Apple computer, we ask that you have your presentation converted to the Windows equivalent. If this is not possible, then you will be required to supply your own laptop and VGA connection dongle, which we will have connected to the projectors for your presentation


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